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Meet Claire, Rosie & BenjieBear

Welcome to Paw on The Move; Paw on the Move are ready to go, go, go!
Thank you for visiting our site and nice to virtually meet you.

I’m 37 years young, a single parent to my six year old daughter – Rosie & we have a gorgeous dementia friendly 14 month old cockapoo BenjieBear.

Rosie’s aspirations inspired me to follow my own passion and from this and lots of brainstorming with Rosie and friends PAW ON THE MOVE was born.

Over the month of June I spoke to a number of web developers and it was Fruitcake Media that stood out from the crowd – the site speaks volumes!

When Benjiebear was a puppy we attended a different kind of puppy school, I was recommended Damian Riley and I highly recommend Damian’s way of teaching both you (the human) and your beloved pawfriend.

As the business was developing Rosie started designing clothes for both Benjie & Rosie to wear so I started the search for a creative fashion designer and came across Ella through a school friend.

I’ve previously used Adam for pet and family photography and he was equally keen to be on board.

Alison was the last piece of the jigsaw and was highly recommended by a mutual contact.

The services we offer provides you a unique synergy a one stop shop.

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