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Meet Ella
designed & branded in the UK – Macclesfield Cheshire

I came across Ella whilst looking for a creative designer for our doggy and human accessories.

We had a number of conversations, Ella shared her work, creative ideas and inspired me from day one.

Meet our creative design team Ella (Creative Designer) and Rosie(Assistant Creative Designer)

A Message from Ella

Hi, I'm Ella,

I have always had a passion for art. Since being at school I chose to take it as one of my GSCE's, I then went on to do Art and Design at Clarendon Sixth Form College where I then explored many more pathways related to art and which one is the most relevant to me. This is where I came across Surface Pattern Design, at Staffordshire University. A course which allowed me to be very free and creative with no limits to what I could achieve in the end outcome. Whether it being screen-printing, stitch or even digital work, there was so many areas to explore. My style is quite illustrative and expressive as I have a love for mark-making, however I do also have a keen eye for more detailed approaches. I always had a passion for floral patterns within home interiors which is what most of my university projects have been focused on, however now that I have finished university, I am looking into expanding my abilities by beginning to work in fashion and designs for dog wear. I am due to graduate in July but due to COVID-19, it has been postponed to November, however I should still be getting my degree sent digitally in July.

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